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Daily Archives: March 5th, 2014

NAPLES – As part of a high-powered probe into the illegal trafficking of waste by the Casalesi clan of the Camorra, police of the provincial command of Casserta arrested 17 people for facilitating the financial interests of organized crime in the construction of the Chiaiano landfill near Naples

Anti-mafia authorities  in Naples say the arrested are accused of mafia association, illegal trafficking of waste, fraud, fraud in public supply, and facilitating the Zagaria faction of the Camorra Casalesi clan

Among those arrested  was Giuseppe Tartaglia Carandente, a mobbed up businessman in the field of waste disposal who allegedly had a rock solid relationship with the Zagaria faction of the  Camorra and other clans

He allegedly controlled companies involved in the  construction of the Chiaiano landfill for the coffers of the Casalesi clan

He collected kickbacks and cut costs by using faulty material and even evaded tax laws with dummy documents

Acting on information from police  informants, investigators  began the probe  in 2008 and documented the rise of the Camorra’s influence over the management of the landfill until 2013