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Daily Archives: April 1st, 2014



In mob flicks, from “The Godfather” to “Goodfellas” , Frank Sivero’s  plug ugly puss has been seen plenty , now its plastered on a police  mug shot


Frank Sivero — known for playing pistol-packing mob guys in movies — got pinched for real by L.A. cops for carrying a loaded weapon in public … but the actor tells TMZ something’s fishy.

Sivero was busted March 17 at his North Hollywood apartment building.  He says he was escorting a lady friend out of the building just after 2 A.M. … and happened to grab a jacket that had a gun in the pocket — a .38 special he says he found a few years ago.

According to Sivero … when they reached the lobby, cops were already there, waiting for him … and he has no idea why. Frank says cops grabbed him, hauled him outside and searched him … and that’s when they found the gun.

Sivero — who played Frankie Carbone in “Goodfellas” — was taken to jail and released several days later.  He was not taken to the freezer while in custody.