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Daily Archives: April 15th, 2014

Foto auto polizia, volante della Questura di Ragusa

A Camorra wiseguy just released from the joint returned to his underworld ways ,and shook down 10,000 euros from a wholesaler who reported him to the police

Antonio Cristofaro began extorting money for his mafia crime family following his release from prison last month say prosecutors who issued arrest warrants against Cristofaro and three of his cohorts in the  Casalesi clan of the Camorra reports Ansa news

Cristofaro is known as a  member of the “cayman’ gang, because he kept a live killing cayman/crocodile on his balcony to scare extortion victims into cauging up more money.

According to authorities, the extortion victim in this instance said Cristofaro kept two guns in full view on the table throughout their conversation.

“Then he said, ‘we’re in charge here. Get me 10,000 euros by Easter and if you love your children, don’t worry about a thing’,” the victim told police.

The weary wholesaler agreed to set up a sting, following which police on Tuesday nabbed three other alleged members of the cayman gang on aggravated extortion charges.