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July 17 – Italian police on Thursday arrested three alleged affiliates  of the Camorra crime syndicate suspected  of  extorting  money from a film company shooting the Gomorra TV series near Naples

Cattleya production company was forced  to fork over an extra  6,000  euros to shoot inside a house belonging to a relative of a big shot  Camorra chief  of clan Gallo -Pisielli  in the crime riddled region of Torre Annunziata, police sources said.

The Gamorra  series is a spin off from the movie Gamorra  based on the bestselling book  by Anti-mafia author Roberto Saviano about the Camorra mafia, whose death threats finally forced Savianno into perpetual police protection

Prosecutors also placed Cattleya’s location manager Gennaro Aquino and producers Gianluca Arcopinto and Matteo De Laurentiis under investigation on suspicion of hushing up the extortion and tipping the suspects off to their imminent arrests.

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