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Daily Archives: August 1st, 2014

Police from the  provincial command of Catania dealt a blow to drug traffickers and seized a sizable shipment of marijuana concealed in a camper in the parking lot of a shopping mall

Police seized over 4 tons of marijuana  headed for the black market in Catania, and arrested several  suspected smugglers

Police say they were patrolling an area of a mall  and became suspicious of  two  men having a heated exchange in the  parking lot, who were repeatedly entering a camper,  police  stopped and probed the men for answers and noticed burlap bags in the camper

Police  searched the vehicle and seized the shipment of marijuana and arrested several suspected smugglers, one of whom was the driver of the camper

Authorities  estimate  the  weed  would be worth  over three million euros in the mafia driven  drug  market