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Daily Archives: August 16th, 2014

Following a prosecutors probe, anti-mafia agents seized a video poker machine company owned by a  mobbed up businessman tied to the Trigila clan of the Sicilian mafia in Siracusa

Agents seized assets amounting  to almost 500,000.euros, and confiscated 40 video poker machines present in shops and arcades in  the provinces of Catania, Siracusa and Ragusa, controlled by businessman  Gaetano Scorpo. already convicted of collusion with the mafia in 2012.

A prosecutors probe targeting the Trigila clan of the Cosa Nosta  operating in Syracuse showed that the clan dominates distribution and management of video poker machines and Gaetano Scorpo,acted as the overseer of the operation

Investigators concluded Scorpo used his clout with the Cosa Nostra to make managers and owners of  video poker parlors  only use the Trigila mob’s  machines