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Daily Archives: November 10th, 2014

Italian  police in Palermo seized assets amounting to 500,000 euros from a top  member of the mafia involved in the extortion of the  film company “Magnolia fiction Ltd,  reports LA spia

Acting on orders from  the court of Palermo, police seized assets including  two  buildings belonging  to Tommaso Tognetti, 49,  a top mafia  member in  the Cosa Nostra  clan  Noce, active  in Palermo.

Tognetti was busted back in  2012  for Mafia association,extortion, and other mafia crimes. According to authorities, he used  his powerful position in the Cosa  Nostra  to extort traders and businessmen by use of arson.

And acting as the capo in charge for  three mafia families, Tognetti called the shots in shakedown  plot  of the production   of  the “Secret Water”,a film about an Anti-mafia squad, but the extortion attempt was reported to the police.