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Daily Archives: November 28th, 2014

A special enforcing squad of  the State Police of Caserta conducted  a raid  during dawn  and arrested twenty alleged members of a Camorra clan charged with drug trafficking tied  to the mafia

The arrested are allegedly  members of the notorious  Belforte  clan of the Camorra aka  “Mazzacane”  operating in the drug rackets in the region of  Caserta

Authorities allege  the clan  supplied  large quantities of  cocaine ,crack and hashish to drug  dealers operating in stores and streets on their turf , who were then forced to fork over a percentage of the sale proceeds to the Belforte  clan

Police say in a similar operation in 2012 members of the same mob were arrested for mafia association, extortion, and crimes committed to facilitate the Belforte  clan of the Camorra