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Daily Archives: December 16th, 2014


John Alite

John Alite

In late 2001, John Alite, still close pals then with acting boss John (Junior) Gotti, was riding high, partying at a Manhattan nightclub. All of a sudden, someone grabbed the diminutive Gambino associate in a bear hug from behind, writes Gangland’s Jerry Capeci

Startled and instantly on high alert, Alite swiveled around to confront his attacker. The bear hug came from another murderous gangster from Queens named Martin Bosshart. But Bosshart had fear – not murder – in his eyes. He had just gotten out of state prison, and had heard rumors that he was suspected of being “a rat, writes Mr. Capeci

According to Mr Capeci, Junior Gotti was away in federal prison, but Alite was still plugged in, and he had heard the same rumblings, he said. He warned Bosshart to stay away from Gambino soldier Charles Carneglia, his associate Peter (Bud) Zuccaro and Bosshart’s “friend Jerry,” whose last name he couldn’t recall, while he tried to resolve the problem.

The warning didn’t help. Several weeks later, on January 2, 2002, according to a 15-count racketeering indictment filed last month in Brooklyn Federal Court, it was Gennaro (Jerry) Bruno who shot Marty Bosshart to death in a desolate area in Howard Beach off the Belt Parkway, Gangland news reports

The indictment details Bruno’s rise as a member of the “Young Guns,” a Gambino family farm team controlled by capo Ronald (Ronny One Arm) Trucchio to his alleged role as a trusted assassin for Trucchio’s mobster son Alphonse., writes Gangland’s Jerry Capeci