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Daily Archives: February 1st, 2015

Hollywood goodfella


Gang land’s Jerry Capeci writes.

A long-buried FBI memo confirms that John A. (Junior) Gotti fingered his late father and two Gambino gangsters – who are still alive and kicking – in murders during a “proffer session” he had with the feds before his first racketeering trial in 2005.

Mr. Capeci writes, The memo is one of the revelations in a sensational new book, Gotti’s Rules, by award winning author (and occasional Gang Land contributor) George Anastasia.

The book is based on stories by former Gotti ally turned nemesis, John Alite. And while Alite failed miserably as a trial witness, credit him with providing the FBI document as well as a trove of intriguing tales in this riveting book about the two Queens gangsters who each lived in the shadow of John Gotti, the late Mafia boss.

Mr. Capeci writes, Using insight about the mob that he gleaned while reporting for more…

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