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Gang Land’s Jerry Capeci writes

A federal grand jury in Brooklyn is investigating a violent gang of low-level Bonanno crime family associates that is alleged to be behind a rash of home invasion robberies and burglaries in Howard Beach and nearby communities in Queens and Long Island, Gang Land has learned.

Mr. Capeci writes, Sources say federal prosecutors have been presenting evidence to a grand jury about dozens of robberies in a community that was immune to drug dealing and violent crime when John Gotti and the bosses of the Luchese and Bonanno crime families lived there.

That mob immunity apparently vanished, however, with the death of the Dapper Don and the removals of Vic Amuso to prison, and Joe Massino to the federal witness protection program.

Mr Capeci writes, In several home invasions, sources say the masked marauders made off with thousands of dollars in cash and jewelry after beating residents. Victims, both men and women, were allegedly forced to strip naked and bound with plastic ties.

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