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Italian police on Wednesday captured  the last  fleeing  fugitive of the powerhouse  Casalesi clan of the Neapolitan Camorra mafia, reports Ansa News

Alberto Ogaristi, 30, a fugitive since last March,  after escaping arrest for mafia association  in  operation “Spartacus Reset”,  is considered one of the rising stars of the Casalesi faction led by jailed Super-boss Francesco ‘Sandokan’ Schiavone.

Police said they  captured the  young mafia lion while he was hiding out at  the home of a convict in the province of  Caserta

Ogaristi is considered close to   mafia scion  Carmine Schiavone, whom  at the time of his arrest.,was seen as the head of  the Casalesi clan once led  by his jailed- for- life  father,  Francesco


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