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Daily Archives: March 20th, 2016

Stephen P. Corso

Gang Land’s Jerry Capeci  writes,

Most mob turncoats are not nice people. They start out as criminals, and usually agree to snitch only after they’ve been caught committing crimes, often reprehensible ones. Then they start spilling the goods. They cause immense grief for their friends and their families. Some go on to lead productive lives. But some never rise above that low-life attitude.

Mr. Capeci writes, Take former CPA Stephen P. Corso whose noxious post-cooperating witness activities are detailed in recent filings in his Bridgeport Connecticut Federal Court case.

Corso’s decision to flip came after he was nailed stealing $6 million from close friends, including TV sports icon Dan Patrick. Previously, Patrick, his wife Susan, and other neighbors had considered Corso a close friend, someone they trusted so much that they used him to prepare their tax returns for 10 years.

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