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Daily Archives: March 27th, 2016

Peter Chiodo

Gang Land’s Jerry Capeci writes, 

Twenty five years ago, a 450-pound whale of a mobster named Peter (Fat Pete) Chiodo miraculously survived a rubout attempt by a hit squad dispatched by his Luchese crime family bosses. Chiodo, a capo, was at a Staten Island gas station looking under the hood of his Caddy when the gunmen pulled up. In the fusillade of bullets that followed, Fat Pete caught 12 slugs.

Mr Capeci writes,  But he lived not only to tell the tale but also to become the biggest and highest-ranked New York wiseguy to break his vow of omerta at the time. Gang Land sadly reports that in January, the burly turncoat finally cashed out his chips. He died the way most wiseguys hope to go – with his boots off, in bed of natural causes. He was 65.

Mr Capeci writes,  After his testimony at seven trials helped send two Mafia bosses, two underbosses, and 18 other mobsters to long prison terms for numerous murders and other crimes, Chiodo disappeared into the Witness Protection Program. He was still in the program, somewhere in America, when he died following a long illness, according to several current and former FBI

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