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Daily Archives: April 30th, 2017

Frank Locascio

Gang Land’s Jerry Capeci writes

Gambino wiseguy Frank (Frankie Loc) Locascio was poring over the law books in the library of his federal prison when something jumped off the page at him: It was a reference to a federal prosecutor in Connecticut named James Glasser who worked in the Bridgeport office in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Mr.Capeci writes   That was the same time frame when Locascio was being indicted and tried in Brooklyn for his role as John Gotti’s consigliere. At the end of that trial, Frankie Loc was sentenced to life behind bars by one of the most revered judges on the Brooklyn federal bench, I. Leo Glasser, who, Locascio belatedly learned, is the father of James Glasser.

Mr. Capeci writes, Locascio, who has been fighting to win his release from prison for 26 years, is now arguing in court that the father-son relationship presented a clear conflict of interest, and that Judge Glasser should have recused himself from the famous case that also resulted in a life sentence.  Gang Land News