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Robert Simoni

Gang Land’s  Jerry Capeci writes

A daring undercover FBI agent who worked for many months as a driver for a Genovese crime family capo was given a “no show” job at a prominent construction safety management firm that has done work for some of New York’s most prestigious institutions, according to secret FBI records obtained by Gang Land.

Mr. Capeci writes,   The documents reveal that the G-Man, who used the name “Jeffrey Cassano” and presented himself as a single guy living in Cedar Grove, New Jersey, was given the job with The Safety Group Ltd. (TSG), a company with offices in Manhattan and Philadelphia. The firm, which was formed in 2013, bills itself on its website as an “industry leader” in fire safety, construction site and energy industry safety, as well as emergency preparedness for commercial buildings and hotels. Its listed clients include the New York City Fire Department, The New York Times, and Yeshiva University.

“Mr. Capeci writes ,   Cassano” received a bi-weekly paycheck of $4,166.67 from TSG, the records show. But at the same time he was supposedly working for the safety company, he was spending his days driving Eugene (Rooster) Onofrio, a powerful Connecticut-based Genovese crime captain on his rounds all over the metropolitan area. Gang Land News 

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