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Italian police on Monday have arrested 16  suspected  drug  traffickers allegedly led   by infamous Napoli fan, Gennaro de Tommaso, known as  ”Genny the scumbag” reports  Ansa news

De Tommaso  made  headlines with the nickname ” Genny the scumbag”  on May 3 when he and  four others were arrested  for inciting violence  at the Italian Cup final at Rome’s Stadio Olimpico  where  a fan was shot and  other Napoli  fans threw firecrackers and objects onto the pitch area and held up the start of play for nearly an hour

De Tommaso was already under house arrest on drug trafficking charges  and was dragged  away in handcuffs and taken  to prison,Police said.

According to investigators, the group bossed by De Tommaso     organized the import and transport  of large quantities of marijuana  and were  in league  with the mafia leaders  who  managed several major drug markets  . (17:07:17)

”Genny the scumbag”  is a nickname that  seems to be tied  to  the T-shirt De Tommaso wore as he sat perched atop a steel security barrier that called for the release of Catania fan Antonino Speziale, jailed for the 2007 manslaughter death of police officer Filippo Raciti at a derby with Palermo


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