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Carmine Persiso

Gang Land’s Jerry Capeci writes

The moribund U.S. Parole Commission seems determined to make sure that mob boss Carmine (Junior) Persico does what then-U.S. Attorney Rudy Giuliani famously declared most of the mobsters convicted in the historic Mafia Commission case would do after they were hit in 1987 with unprecedented 100-year prison terms for labor racketeering: “Die in prison.”

Mr. Capeci writes,  The Parole Commission, Gang Land has learned, made that pretty clear this month when the 84-year-old Persico showed up for a scheduled “mandatory parole” hearing and was told that, unlike any other inmate in the history of the federal prison system, he would need to serve 66 years behind bars – not 30, as the Commission’s guidelines state – before he gets his hearing.

Mr. Capeci Writes,  Persico and his lawyers appeared on August 2 for a hearing that would have required his parole, his lawyers say, because there was no “reasonable probability” he would commit a crime if released and because he had committed no serious or frequent rules violations since he was imprisoned in February of 1985. Federal parole was abolished in 1987, but the Parole Commission still holds sway over Persico and 955 other inmates convicted before then. Gang Land News

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