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Ricky Kessler

Gang Land’s Jerry Capeci writes

Federal prosecutors in Brooklyn have signed up a coke-snorting, Facebook-loving Howard Beach hoodlum named Ricky Kessler to help them with their monstrous racketeering case against Bonanno capo Ronald (Ronnie G) Giallanzo, Gang Land has learned.

Mr.Capeci writes, The feds’ case focuses on a massive loan sharking and extortion scheme that Ronnie G has allegedly run for the past 17 years, resulting in an estimated haul of some $26 million, according to the government.

Mr.Capeci writes, Sources say Kessler, a 47-year-old childhood friend of Giallanzo, secretly began cooperating with the FBI in the summer of 2014. That was more than a year before a gun-toting one man crime wave from Howard Beach named Gene Borrello turned on Ronnie G and his capo uncle Vincent Asaro after the NYPD nailed Borrello for a slew of home invasions from New York to Florida.

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