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Monthly Archives: December 2017

Judge Katherine Forrest

Gang Land’s Jerry Capeci  writes

Gang Land’s given out a few Throw The Book At ‘Em Awards to heavy handed judges over the years, but that doesn’t do justice for the most mean-spirited jurist of 2017, Manhattan Federal Judge Katherine Forrest. She gets the Grinch Who Stole Christmas Award for separate decisions to revoke bail for three defendants two weeks ago.

Those rulings came on the heels of a stinging Second Circuit Court of Appeals reversal of a “procedurally and substantively unreasonable” five year sentence she gave a petty thief who just spent his third Christmas behind bars.

Mr. Capeci writes,   A longtime partner at the white shoe Manhattan law firm of Cravath, Swain & Moore, Forrest’s specialty there was commercial litigation, according to an online biography. She had toiled neither as a criminal defense attorney nor as a prosecutor before being selected for the federal bench by President Obama in 2011, living proof that Democratic presidents are just as capable of making bad judges as the current White House occupant. All four of the mean-spirited rulings by Forrest that merit her selection here were sua sponte, or her idea. They were not requested by prosecutors, pre-trial services, or the probation department.

Mr, Capeci writes,,,On December 15, she revoked the bond of 75-year-old wiseguy Robert (Old Man) DeBello, who’d been free for 15 months, and whose trial is set to begin in February. That same day, Forrest revoked the bail of mob associate Anthony Mascuzzio, who pleaded guilty to two $5 million bank heists. On December 13, she did the same for co-defendant Michael Mazzara.

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