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Paul Cassano

Gang land’s Jerry Capeci writes,

Federal prosecutors who had repeatedly bumbled the facts in a mob racketeering case, gave a very sweet plea deal last week to a Luchese mobster facing a possible life sentence on racketeering, attempted murder and weapons charges, Gang Land has learned.

Mr  Capeci writes, The deal means the White Plains-based prosecutors will likely be spared any further embarrassment of the sort that has plagued them in recent weeks for misstating key aspects of a major mob prosecution and grossly exaggerating the evidence they possessed in hearings before two different judges.

Mr  Capeci writes,  Prosecutors agreed to dismiss the heavyweight crimes and penalties against 39-year-old wiseguy Paul (Paulie Roast Beef) Cassano in return for a guilty plea to assault charges with recommended “sentencing guidelines” calling for a prison term from 12 to 18 months.  Gang  Land News

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