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Battista Geritano

Gang Land’s Jerry Capeci writes

Battista (Benny the Blade) Geritano lived up to his hotheaded and nasty-tempered reputation last week by trying to fire his trial attorney, the long-suffering Walter Mack. The Odd Couple lawyer-and-client seemed to click last fall when the former top Mafia prosecutor was assigned to defend Geritano on charges of threatening to kill his former lawyer and his son. But these days the pair are in a forced marriage of sorts as Mack prepares to represent Benny even though The Blade denounces him in court and refuses to speak to the distinguished defense lawyer.

Mr Capeci writes,  The volatile mob associate – whose alleged threats stem from Geritano’s 2013 conviction for a barroom stabbing – objected numerous times to Mack’s remarks on his behalf during the final pre-trial hearing before his expected two-day extortion trial is slated to begin on June 11.

But that’s nothing compared to what Geritano threatened to do to his last lawyer. In a court filing yesterday, prosecutors detailed how last year Benny sent a letter to lawyer Al Brackley warning the 84-year-old attorney that even though he “may not be around” to suffer Benny’s wrath when Geritano gets out of prison in 2025, Brackley’s lawyer son Patrick will pay the price, stating: “I’m going to leave your son dead in front of the court house for his standing by as you sold me out!”     Gang Land News 



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