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Daily Archives: May 27th, 2018

Geoffrey Berman

Gang Land;s Jerry Capeci writes

In a stunning disclosure after months of complaints from defense lawyers and federal judges, the Manhattan U.S Attorney’s Office has admitted that prosecutors (AUSAs) in its Violent And OrganizedCrime unit have been wrongly withholding favorable defense evidence they should have been giving defendants awaiting trial for murder and other major crimes.

Mr. Capeci writes,  Lisa Zornberg, a top prosecutor for U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman, stated in court last Thursday – the day trial had been set to begin for two defendants charged with killing a government witness in 2016 – that prosecutors in that case and two others had made “inexcusable errors” and withheld so-called  Brady Material due to “inadvertence, sloppiness, and thoughtlessness.”

Judge Alison Nathan had called Zornberg, Chief of the Criminal Division, on the carpet a day earlier when Nathan got what she called an “extraordinary” letter from prosecutors. In a filing, they admitted “several mistakes” in not telling the defense that the government had gotten information a week after the murder that another suspect had confessed a role in it, and had implicated several others, but not the defendants. Gang Land News