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Monthly Archives: December 2018

Vincent Esposito

Gang Land’s Jerry Capeci writes,

A Mafia boss went to trial on racketeering charges in Manhattan. There were rubouts in the Bronx and Brooklyn of two aged mob associates in the same month. And a getaway driver from Staten Island involved in a Queens bank burglary that became the largest bank job in U.S. history had to jump start his car to get it started. But there was a much bigger New York mob story this year.

Mr. Capeci writes,    The Top Mob Story Of The Year is one that came to light back in January, one that only Gang Land has reported: Vincent Esposito, the youngest son of legendary Mafia Boss Vincent (Chin) Gigante, was indicted on racketeering charges based on undercover work by an allegedly corrupt nephew named Vincent Fyfe, who just happens to be Chin Gigante’s grandson.

That’s right, Gigante’s grandson is the key witness against Chin’s son. Fyfe fingered his Uncle Vinny for a shakedown that began more than 15 years ago, not long after Fyfe became head of a major New York labor union because of his grandpa’s connections. The extortion continued while Gigante’s son Vincent was trying hard to make life better for his incarcerated dad, who would die behind bars in 2005, and it lasted until last year, according to the racketeering indictment in his case. Gang Land News