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Daily Archives: February 17th, 2019

Joseph Sabella

Gang Land’s Jerry Capeci writes

Bonanno capo Joseph (Joe Valet) Sabella and Colombo associate Anthony Preza have known each other for 30 years. Each man is 53 years old. They are former business partners. Each man owns his own company in the booming valet parking industry. Once, they were close friends, but the friendship soured about seven years ago over $25,000 that Sabella felt Preza owed him.

That tale of two gangsters lies at the heart of a Mafia racketeering conspiracy trial that begins next week.

Mr Capeci writes,The feds say the unpaid “debt” so infuriated Joe Valet that he and his violent mob supervisor, capo Peter (Petey B.S.) Lovaglio, decided to kill Preza. They later downgraded the murder plot to a brutal beating, one that Sabella himself allegedly gave his old pal outside a Staten Island restaurant. That assault will be a major element of the evidence presented against Joe Valet in Manhattan Federal Court.

Joe Valet’s lawyer has a very different take on the dispute. It was a “misdemeanor-class assault” in a “two-sided confrontation” that was resolved years ago, says attorney Joseph Corozzo. The duo are competitors, he says, but are still friends. Their families know each other; their “companies work in conjunction” and even “share employees” during busy times when one is pressed for drivers or valet car parkers for a gig with a major client   Gang Land News