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Daily Archives: June 2nd, 2019

Michael DeSantis

Gang Land’s Jerry  Capeci writes 

In a bloodless coup, Brooklyn-based Luchese wiseguy Michael (Big Mike) DeSantis, a staunch and longtime loyal supporter of his imprisoned-for-life Mafia boss, Vittorio (Vic) Amuso, has replaced Matthew (Matty) Madonna, the acting family boss who allegedly ordered the 2013 murder of former Purple Gang Leader Michael Meldish, Gang Land has learned.

Mr. Capeci writes The move by Madonna, an 84-year-old veteran of the Luchese family’s Bronx crew, averted a blood bath akin to the one Amuso and his then-top lieutenant, Anthony (Gaspipe) Casso, carried out in the late 1980s and early 90s when more than a dozen Luchese members were murdered.

Amuso authorized the takeover in a coded letter he sent from prison to longtime underboss Steven (Stevie Wonder) Crea, according to the testimony of a turncoat mobster who began cooperating with the feds last year. Amuso’s threatened hit list, according to mob defector John Pennisi, included a captain and several members of the family’s Bronx crew.  Gang Land News