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Steven Crea

Gang Land’s Jerry Capeci writes,

In a surprise move just six weeks before the scheduled start of his trial, Luchese underboss Steven (Stevie Wonder) Crea has fired Barry Levin, the veteran trial lawyer he retained in December to defend him against racketeering charges and the murder of former Purple Gang leader Michael Meldish.

Gang Land has learned that the news was delivered Monday by Crea’s son Dominick, a paralegal who hired Levin as his dad’s lead trial lawyer in December. The reason for the abrupt dismissal, Dominick told attorneys for Crea’s four codefendants was allegedly “unprofessional and unproductive statements” that the outspoken lawyer had made to and about his fellow attorneys and co-defendants in the case.

The stunning development had no impact on the scheduled guilty plea of Crea’s son, Steven (Stevie Junior) Crea. The mob scion copped a plea deal to several charges that call for up to 13 years in prison. The news of Levin’s firing seemed to overshadow the guilty plea but Crea lawyer Anthony DiPietro said the firing wasn’t “news worthy,” and will have no impact on the elder Crea’s defense.

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