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Daily Archives: December 15th, 2019

Andrew Campos

Gang Land’s  Jerry Capeci writes 

A couple of Gambino wiseguys who were convicted in a $750 million online porn scam during the last days of John Gotti’s reign — the largest consumer fraud in U.S. history — are allegedly at it again. Federal prosecutors last week unveiled charges of a multi-million dollar fraud scheme involving employees of five major construction companies, including a real estate development firm that currently owns 2500 Manhattan condos and has ongoing building projects worth more than $10 billion dollars.

Even in Gang Land, that’s a lot of Simoleons.

The duo, Andrew (Andrew Campo) Campos and Richard Martino, allegedly paid “hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes and kickbacks” to employees of HFZ Capital Group, the developer of a soaring new project on Manhattan’s West Side. The project, called The XI, consists of two tall twisting towers of concrete, steel and glass on Eleventh Avenue next to the High Line that are nearing completion. The 236 condos in construction will run you from $2.8 million to $25 million a pop.