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Carmelo Polito

Gang Land’s Jerry Capeci writes 

Three decades ago, Vincent (Chin) Gigante tabbed him as acting boss of the powerful Genovese crime family. Five years ago, he is known to have taken over as the official leader of the so-called Ivy League of Organized Crime. YetLiborio (Barney) Bellomo remains an enigma, a virtually “invisible man” both to wiseguys and to the law enforcement community.

Mr Capeci writes,   But while Bellomo has stayed well below the radar, Gang Land has it on excellent authority from reliable sources on both sides of the law that Bellomo has a very soft spot in his heart for pizza. Not the Italian delight you can enjoy by the slice, but for Carmelo (Carmine Pizza) Polito, the antagonist whose conviction for the 1994 attempted murder of Genovese gangster Michael (Cookie) D’Urso was reversed on a technicality. Yes, that D’Urso, whose open letter to the mob was featured in Gang Land last week.

Polito, whose federal conviction for the shooting of D’Urso and the murder of his cousin Tino was overturned in 2004 on the grounds that it stemmed from a $60,000 debt and not mob business, was inducted into the crime family within the last two years, according to underworld and law enforcement sources. He is now a respected acting Genovese capo.

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