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Crime Family Feud

EXTREME MOB MAKEOVER: Enrico  Ponzo, facing an 18-count indictment that includes the attempted murder of former Boston Mafia boss ‘Cadillac Frank’ Salemme, is pictured here with beard
An alleged enforcer for a Boston-based breakaway faction of the infamous  Patriarca Crime Family of La Cosa Nostra will have to present his puss to a jury clean shaven–then full-bearded  —­if prosecutors get their way
The feds first want witnesses to recognize Enrico Ponzo, a/k/a Jeffrey John Shaw from his “prominent cleft chin,” then with a beard, mirroring his appearance while on the lam in Idaho.
 Authorities allege  Ponzo  was part of a  Patriarca renegade  hit-team who tried to take over the  mob  by murdering  mafia  boss  ‘Cadillac  Frank” Salemme  but the jittery bunch botched the job .  Ponzo then  supposedly  went on the lam
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