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NYPD officer William Masso

 William Masso , a  NYPD copper with family in the Genovese mob turned wannabe wiseguy and bossed a band of corrupt cop thugs–pleaded guilty in Federal court to running a Mafia-style smuggling ring.  read the story by Bruce Golding, NYPost

 A corrupt cop who bragged about leading a “good f—-n’ army” of crooked cronies pleaded guilty today to heading up a contraband ring that smuggled guns, cigarettes and slot machines into New York.

William Masso, 48, agreed to serve nearly six years in the slammer for crimes that Police Commissioner Ray Kelly called “a betrayal of the highest order”when the rogue operation was busted  last year.

The veteran Brooklyn cop also promised to cough up the $50,000 he pocketed while running a yearlong scheme that was part of an undercover sting by the FBI. read more Here

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