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The Sofia  City Court will review Romania’s claim for the extradition of mafia backed drug boss Evelin Banev aka “Brendo”, in order to be tried there .

At the beginning of July, an Italian court sentenced Banev  to serve 20 years in the slammer for operating a large-scale cocaine trafficking network connected to the clan  Bellocco of the  ’Ndrangheta mafia

Banev was arrested on May 16 2012  in an international police operation code-named  “Cocaine Kings”, along with 15 other Bulgarians, 12 Italians, one Slovenian, one Romanian, and one Georgian.

According to Interpol and Italian police  Banev’s gang  allegedly smuggled  cocaine in ships into  Europe from South America and were  arrested  in an Anti Mafia drug raid  dubbed ‘Magna Charta’ in which six tones of cocaine were confiscated

In October, the Sofia City Court postponed its verdict on the extradition, claiming magistrates needed more information on the case