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Category Archives: Camorra crime syndicate

Italian police on Tuesday carried out a crackdown  raid against members of the  Mallardo clan of the  Camorra mafia based in the Secondigliano suberb of Naples, reports AnsaNews 

Police arrested 19 alleged  affiliates of the  Mallardo clan in Campania and Tuscany and seized assets worth a whopping 50 million euros  that included  villas, vehicles,  corporations and current bank accounts

The  so-called  ”super boss”  of the clan , Francesco Mallardo, and his brother in law, Liccardo Antimo, an employee of the municipal administration of Giugliano in the Campania region, are among those arrested in the nationwide operation.

The alleged offenses are mafia association, violation of gun laws, money laundering  and fictitious  registering of  property headings.