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Italian police on Tuesday  in Terni arrested five suspected members of the Camorra mafia  for the murder of a young- lion- leader  of a rival  Camorra gang

Police dragged away  in handcuffs,  five suspected  members of the’ Buonerba clan of the Camorra,  accused of the  murder of Emanuele Sibillo,  dubbed ”the baby boss’, because he was only 20 years old  and leader of the  Camorra  gang  Sibillo, known as ” laparanza children “,  active in the area of Forcella in Naples

Sibilo’ was gunned down in an ambush and his  lifeless body was left in front of a hospital in July 2015.   According to investigators,  the murder was a gangland gundown ambush planned and perpetrated   by the Buonerba group  who  had declared war with the Sibilo’s for control over the  rackets in Forcella

Pasquale Sibillo,  the 24 year- old  brother of the baby boss and also a leader of the  clan, was arrested in2015 for  Mafia association, murder, attempted murder and drug trafficking