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Category Archives: Canadian mafia

Vito Rizzuto

Gang Land’s Jerry Capeci writes,

Bodies keep dropping in Toronto, Montreal, and around the globe, three years after Montreal Mafia leader Vito Rizzuto’s death.

They’ve been falling for about ten years now, since Rizzuto pleaded guilty and began serving a prison term in a Colorado prison for his role as the primary shooter in the storied Three Capos Murders in a Brooklyn social club 36 years ago.

Mr. Capeci writes,  Those slayings solidified the status of then-Bonanno family capo Joseph Massino and assured his eventual rise to the top of the crime family.

They also established Rizzuto as a major player in the family’s Montreal faction that had been in place since the 1950s. Bodies have stopped dropping in Brooklyn and the rest of New York City in recent years, but they’re still dropping like flies in the mob war that’s raging north of the U.S. border.

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