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Gang Land’s Jerry Capeci writes,

A mob associate who ran the Bada Bing – the Lodi, New Jersey strip club that served as headquarters for fictional TV mobster Tony Soprano – is headed to the jailhouse.

But it’s just for a short stretch, one he could almost do standing on his head, or one of the other gymnastic stances practiced by his bare-chested dancers in the jiggle joint on Route 17.

Mr.Capeci writes, Anthony (Tony Lodi) Cardinalle will serve a 30 day prison term for spilling his guts about a real Garden State mob crew that was run for years by powerhouse Genovese capo Tino Fiumara.

The light sentence is Cardinalle’s punishment for having introduced the undercover operative in the FBI’s three year investigation of the waste hauling industry in New York and New Jersey to a key soldier in Fiumara’s “Lodi crew.” Cardinalle, is slated to begin his short stretch behind bars at an undisclosed federal prison next week, writes Gang Land’s Jerry Capeci