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Tino Fiumara


Gang Land’s Jerry Capeci writes

Longtime gambler and Genovese soldier Anthony (Muzzy) Pucciarello, who served for years as a lookout for his cousin, waterfront crime boss Tino Fiumara, cashed in his chips Sunday following a losing battle with heart disease and a myriad of other ailments. He was 80.

Mr. Capeci writes, Pucciarello became Fiumara’s New Jersey eyes and ears in 2005 when the powerhouse capo moved to Long Island following his release from prison for waterfront-related crimes. Muzzy was a member of Tino’s “Lodi Crew” and was among the select group of pals who toasted Fiumara at a private birthday party in 2009, a year before his death.

Mr. Capeci writes, A few months before Tino died, the Lodi Crew made a disastrous mistake when they shook down a longtime fixture in the private sanitation industry named Carmine Franco, only to learn later that they’d been stung by the FBI in what became known as the Papa Smurf garbage. Gang Land News