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Category Archives: Italian Crime

Italian  police on Wednesday arrested a  high-powered  businessman  and seven of his associates for fraudulent bankruptcy and tax fraud in  the region of  Abruzzo

Police arrested  Mauro Mattucci, president and  master builder  of   mall ”Heart Adriatic”  and seven of his associates, all  accused of a cluster of conspiracy crimes  involving  fraud

According to authorities,  Mattucci, a  well known  builder of one of Italy’s largest shopping centers ,  headed a criminal group in the housing and   building sector,  that  falsely  claimed tax credits and  bankruptcy losses in  companies  that  were  stripped  of  assets, that were secretly sold for a  financial gain of about 13 million euros

Investigators say the  group  also used mafia type  threats with local entrepreneurs in the same sector,  who were forced to sell their businesses  at a large  loss