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Category Archives: Italian mafia groups

Italian police on Saturday have arrested two  people for attempting a  mafia- type extortion  on a  film company in the historic city of Lecce in southern Italy

Police dragged away in handcuffs two suspected extortionists for attempting a mafia -style  shakedown for 50,000 euros in protection money,on the set  of the movie “Have you ever been to the moon,”a  new film by Paolo Genovese with Raoul Bova

Police say in September the pair presented themselves to the location manager of the film production  in Lecce,  and asked to speak to ” one  in charge” . The manager, suspicious of the shady looking men, gave the two an appointment for that evening, then he called the police

The two men didn’t like the manager’s response, and later that afternoon, they  showed up at the site and broke into a production company truck , and inside, spay painted an extortion message that read. be calm,  50,000, if no,’ hello’

That evening at the site, alerted  police were in place for probing the two mafia types , but they never showed up  for the appointment, and that triggered an investigation that led to today’s arrests

According to police, both men have been arrested before for criminal association,one is a reputed associate of the Puglian mafia,or Sacra Corona Unita.

The accused are charged with attempted extortion , made worse by mafia method