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Category Archives: mafia and all organized crime

Italian police on Friday seized assets worth 10 million euros attributable to  two family members from the mafia in Palermo,reports ITblastingnews,com

Police confiscated companies,restaurants, coffee and tobacco bars,bank accounts, and apartments attributable to Maurizio De Santis and his son, Luigi “Gigi” Salerno. both believed to be   dangerous  extortionists  from  the mafia family of Cosa Nostra in Palermo

Prosecutors  allege De Santis , who is presently in prison for extortion,used his restaurants to secretly meet with other members of Cosa Nostra,to scheme up shakedowns for protection payments from entrepreneurs

Prosecutors started a probe after being alerted to the inconsistencies in the tax return of De Santis and his son, Gigi Salerno,who is already sentenced to nine-years in prison for extortion and criminal association.

Acting on orders from prosecutors, police  in Palermo planted phone  taps and bugged De Santis’s businesses, that eventually  shed light on the extortion of entrepreneurs by the suspects  and other members of the  Cosa Nosta controlled racket