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John Rubeo

Gang Land’s Jerry Capeci writes. 

John (J.R.) Rubeo was a teenager working card games at his father’s social club when he developed close bonds with two important bold-faced names with influence in the powerful Genovese crime family that enabled Rubeo to snare 46 mobsters and associates from five crime families in the biggest mob racketeering case in years, Gang Land has learned.

Mr. Capeci writes,  Rubeo, 41, snookered one of his old buddies, capo Pasquale (Patsy) Parrello, during the five years he wore a wire for the FBI. But law enforcement sources say the wired-up J.R. never got anywhere near the other powerful friend he made during the early 1990s, Anthony Fiorino, the brother-in-law of current family boss, Liborio (Barney) Bellomo.

Mr. Capeci writes,  It wasn’t for lack of trying. When he began cooperating, Rubeo told authorities of his ties to Fiorino, a former carpenters union official who lost his union post because of his links to organized crime in 1995. He told the feds that in April of 2011, seven months before he flipped, Fiorino met privately with Parrello in the basement of his restaurant, Pasquale’s Rigoletto, to iron out a dispute over a $10,000 debt that Fiorino had helped a businessman collect, according to FBI documents obtained by Gang Land

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