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Anthony Camisa

Gang Land’s Jerry Capeci writes,

At 25 years old, Anthony (The Kid) Camisa is the youngest defendant in the huge five family Manhattan Federal Court mob case that boasts more than 40 defendants. But on Monday, The Kid got one of the stiffest sentences – five and a half years in prison. He also got a stern lecture from the judge that he was lucky he didn’t get more time for the kidnapping at gunpoint of a gambler who tried to beat him out of $10,000.

Mr. Capeci writes,   Judge Richard Sullivan chastised Camisa for becoming a “gun toting thug on the street” for the mob despite a good upbringing. The judge went on to warn the young man that next time anyone flashed a gun around him he should “jump out a window” to get away.  “If you show up before me again,” the judge said, “you can count on the fact that I will give you the most time I can.”

Mr. Capeci wires,  But Sullivan also gave a 15 minute tongue-lashing to assistant U.S. attorney Abigail Kurland for asking the judge to impose a more severe prison term than the 64-to-70 months called for in the plea agreement that the government reached with the defendant in May .Gang Land News