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Category Archives: ‘Ndrangheta/ Calabrian mafia

Italian police on Wednesday have executed an arrest warrant issued against 19 subjects, in Sicily and Calabria, engaged in smuggling and drug trafficking  between Calabria and Sicily.

The investigation  conducted by  anti mafia prosecutors   showed that the “Cosa Nostra” operating at Vittoria and Comiso  was in cahoots in the cocaine  trade with the ‘Ndrangheta mafia of Calabria

The survey also enabled investigators  to  reconstruct the ties between the exponents of “Cosa Nostra Vittoriese” and the clan of the same criminal organization operating in the province of Agrigento, specifically,the  Fragapane clan bossed by Salvatore Fragapane,

Fragapane is the reputed regent of “Cosa Nostra” for the province of Agrigento who is  currently serving  a life sentence for the disappearance and murder of the little Giuseppe Di Matteo, the son of well-known mafia figure and associate of justice.