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Category Archives: New York Genovese crime family

John Rubeo

Gang Land’s Jerry Capeci writes.

For five long years, mob associate John (J.R.) Rubeo Jr. double-crossed his underworld cronies. He tape recorded hundreds of conversations. He linked them to numerous crimes. Then last year, law enforcement sources say, he double crossed the feds, deleting a year’s worth of phone calls and text messages he had with many of the 46 defendants in the blockbuster Mafia takedown.

Mr. Capeci writes,  As a result, the sources say, Rubeo has undermined the prosecution, and has triggered an internal FBI investigation to determine whether three veteran agents, including a squad supervisor, should be disciplined – or even fired. For what? “Violating the FBI’s guidelines that govern the way the Bureau handles informers and cooperating witnesses,” said one law enforcement source.

Mr. Capeci writes,  Sources say the FBI’s “official investigation” into actions by the agents began about three weeks ago. But the sources say Manhattan federal prosecutors have been questioning Rubeo – and have been voicing concern about his FBI handlers’ allegedly poor supervision – since last fall, when they first learned about the lost cell phone communications. Gang Land News