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Category Archives: Partanna-Mondello clan

Palermo, Sicily.  Sicilian mafia boss Vincenzo Collesano had assets worth over  2.5 milion  euros impounded by Italian tax police. Collesano is a member of Partanna-Mondello crime family of the cosa nostra , which has a firm grip on the local extortion racket. The seized assets included a company in Palermo, four apartments and a garage, as well as bank accounts worth 50,000 euros  Reports adnkronos

Collesano was arrested in January 2007 on suspicion of mafia association and extortion.
More than 30 businessmen have been kicked out of the Sicilian chapter of Confindustria – Italy’s main private employers’ association – for failing to report mafia extortionists, chapter president, Ivan Lo Bello said last week. Confindustria in 2007 revised its statute to make it obligatory for the association to expel members found to be paying mafia protection money.

It is estimated that Italian organised crime syndicates – the Sicilian mafia, the Naples mafia or Camorra and the ‘Ndrangeta in Calabria earn over 75 billion euros annually from extortion and loan sharking.   Read more Click here: Italy: Tax police seize €2.5mln from alleged Sicilian mafia boss – Adnkronos Security