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Joseph Merlino

Gang Land’s Jerry Capeci writes,

Without question, the number one Gang Land story of the year was the humongous Manhattan Federal Court indictment of Philadelphia Mafia boss Joseph (Skinny Joey) Merlino and 45 other wiseguys and mob associates from five states and four New York crime families on racketeering conspiracy charges.

Mr. Capeci writes,  It stemmed from the work of John (J.R.) Rubeo, a longtime mob associate in the crew of powerful Genovese capo Pasquale (Patsy) Parrello who was caught dealing drugs and decided to wear a wire for the FBI in the hope of saving himself from a long stretch in prison.

Along the way, Rubeo managed to introduce an undercover FBI agent into what ended up as a five year probe in which they recorded thousands of hours of conversations that tied the 46 charged defendants – and others to be indicted later – to a slew of racketeering crimes, including a lucrative heath care fraud scheme that put hundreds of thousands of dollars into mob coffers.

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