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Category Archives: Sicilian Cosa Nostra

Italian Police on Saturday arrested seven suspected members of the Sicilian mafia for running a rapacious extortion racket in the city of Catania

Police dragged away in handcuffs, 23 year old mafia enforcer Fabio Amoroso along with six other members of the’Santapaola Mafia family of Cosa Nosta based in the municipality of Biancavilla, in the Sicilian city of Catania

According to the indictment, the arrests were made after a complex investigation which began when an entrepreneur in Biancavilla decided to cooperate with police and identified  Amoroso as  a leg- breaking enforcer  in a shakedown racket in which he was forced  to pay protection money  called ”Pizzo”

This allowed police time to  ‘bug’ the victims   business and catch Amoroso in action  in the extortion,  and to  highlight the roles and dynamics within the’ Santapaola mafia organization