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Italian policed on Monday in the Sicilian province of  Catania arrested four people  including  the  mother of two  jailed mafia bosses  for running an extortion and  loan sharking racket

The suspects are supposedly  members of the powerful  mafia clan  ”Cappello – Bonaccorsi”, based in Catania, who are charged with   usury and attempted extortion with the aggravating circumstance of belonging to the  mafia

According  to investigators,  the charges are connected  to an investigation initiated in October of 2015 in which two brothers  believed to be  high-ranking  representatives of the mafia clan Cappello – Bonaccorsi’  were arrested  in November of 2015  in operation ‘ “Revenge 5

In the course of that investigation it was  revealed  that the two mafia brothers   were running an extensive extortion and loan sharking racket

According to several   wiretaps,  after the brothers were arrested the mother took advantage of the fact that her children were well-known mafia bosses , and continued and  coordinated the illegal activity with the help of another son and clan enforcers