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Category Archives: Sicilian mafia

At 17 years later, the Carabinieri of the provincial command Palermo have shed light on a man murdered by the  Palermo mafia  that took place in 2000.

Police say they cracked the cold case  murder of Giampiero Tocco who was kidnapped,  killed, and dissolved in acid by members of the mafia  seventeen years ago

The big break in the case came from  statements  supplied   by several  collaborators  of justice who told  police  a  commando team of men disguised as police officers  had staged a false checkpoint in Terrasini

Tocco ,who  was driving his jeep with his six year- old daughter in the vehicle  stopped at the checkpoint   and then was  kidnapped  by  men holding shotguns

Today, police carried out the arrest warrant issued  against four senior leaders of the Cosa Nostra who were  implicated in the crime by the statements of  mafia turncoat Antonino Pipitone  who also confirmed the motive for the murder, which was ordered by  boss  Salvatore  Lo Piccolo, who was  arrested at a mafia meeting in 2007