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Mob Trial: From left, Asst. U.S. Attorney Roger Burlingame, witness Vincent Rossetti, and defendant Charles Carneglia. Tracy, John, Freelance/NYDN. 2/12/2009 Original Filename: Illustration1.jpg

The sentencing of former reputed Bonanno crime associate Vincent Rossetti, who is featured in “King Of The Godfathers” has postponed yet again. The December 3, 2010 date was pushed to December 15 at the request of the prosecutors who said in a letter to Judge Raymond Dearie said that an ongoing investigation of a matter related to Rossetti needs additional work. by Tony Destefano
  The letter didn’t say what was being investigated but noted that the probe had been completed and that the government “requires additional time to have the issue reviewed” and to prepare a presentencing submission. Rossetti is believed to be still married to Yvonne Rossetti, the controversial housewife whose business shenanigans got her in trouble with some Bonanno crime family members and associates. 
After some alleged threats were made to Yvonne, the feds stepped in and made a number of arrests back in late 2006. Yvonne was sentenced earlier this year to probation by Dearie for her own fraudulent conduct.  
Vincent Rossetti got ensnared in a separate investigation and turned government witness, in part to protect his wife and to help himself. He testified for prosecutors in the 2009 trial of Gambino soldier Charles Carneglia
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